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Inductive type and W Type

Generalizing inductive types

Lens - Exploring and Learning - 1

Introduction / Abstractions of "setter"s and "getter"s.

Adjoint Functor

Notes on the category theory concept.

C++ Higher-order Meta-function

Some simple template tricks

Agda Learning Note

Notes on agda core language and standard library.

Bash Notes

Notes on the bash language

My C++ Style Guide

My C++ coding style mostly based on Google C++ Style Guide

Leetcode Solution Collection

Homework for algorithm course in SYSU

Haskell Monad Basic - 5

Monad Transformer

Haskell Monad Basic - 4

Reader, Writer and State

Haskell Monad Basic - 3

Monad and its "super classes"

Haskell Monad Basic - 2

value and context, basic examples on List, Maybe and Either

Haskell Monad Basic - 1

motivation, introduction, definition of Monad and the "do" notation

Hello World

hello, my blog